Transportation – Getting Around Bangkok

By Bus

There are many public bus routes in Bangkok and the bus tickets are very cheap, but at rush hours a bus trip can be a rather time consuming and it is also easy to get confused by all different bus routes.

To end up in the right bus, ask at a tourist information office, a travel agency or a Thai citizen waiting at the bus stop. Most often they will do their best to help you.

By Taxi

First of all, do only stop a taxi with a Taxi-meter sign on it's roof, and second, be sure that the driver turns on the meter before the ride begins. The taxi cabs (often Toyota Altis or Toyota Corolla models) are fairly comfortable and equipped with a refreshing air-condition.

At rush hours / heavy traffic the taxi is not as a fast alternative as the Sky train or Metro but the price is relatively low and it might be nice to relax in the backseat of a cool, air conditioned cab after a day of intense shopping etc. The cars are painted in different color combinations but the prices are the same as long as the taximeter is turned on.

The starting price is 35 baht and to travel from Suvarnabhumi airport to the beginning of Sukhumvit Road, or the equivalent, costs around 3-400 baht including tolls on the Express Way.

During rush hours you might be seated in the taxi for quite a while so don't go to late if you are going to fly etc.

By Motorcycle Taxi

The price for a trip on a motorbike taxi is very low (at least if you are negotiating with the driver in advance) and it can be a fast alternative at peak hours if the driver master the art of slalom driving, between all cars and buses.

Just be aware that motorcycle accidents aren't extremely rare in this city and ensure that the driver lend you a helmet.

By Tuk-Tuk

This three-wheel-motorbike-taxi has definitely become an icon and symbol of Bangkok. The vehicle is not that environment friendly, but often a little faster than a taxicab at rush hours.

Try to bargain down the price before the ride and watch out for drivers who offer you to go around the city for 10-30 baht for an hour. They will probably bring you to a tailor or a jewelry shop etc. The starting price for a ride in a tuk tuk is not often less than 30-40 baht. The price for a 20-30 minute ride is normally 100-200 baht.

By Sky Train – BTS

Skytrain, or Rot Fai Fah in Thai, started its operation in December 1999, just in time for the millennium celebration. It has two lines; The Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line. The two lines crosses at Siam Station, which is the central station of the BTS system. The cars are air-conditioned and has both seats and standing areas.

The price for a ticket starts at 20 baht and the fare is somewhere between the price for a bus ticket and the price for a ride in a taxi.

Be sure that you keep your ticket until the destination station, otherwise you will have to pay an additional fee.

By Bangkok Metro – MRT

The Bangkok underground started its operation at Songkran (the Thai traditional New Year), in April, 2004. One of the two end stations is located close to Hualamphong Railway Station (the main train station in Bangkok) which is practical if you are going to continue to travel with a long-distance train.

The prices are rather low and the design and system are top modern. We definitely recommend you to give it a try. Be sure to keep your ticket until the station of your destination.

By River Boat

A cheap and refreshing alternative at the Chao Praya river. An excellent way to travel, for example between Banglamphu (Khao San Road), The Grand Palace and Chinatown.